Slider Syrp Magic of 1mts rental

Slider Syrp Magic of 1mts rental


Slider Syrp Magic of 1m rental

Extendable alloy slider
The car has a built-in steering wheel
Alloy caps with quick release legs
Supports up to 70 pounds
Includes Soft Carry Bag

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Slider Syrp Magic of 1mts rental

The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short + Medium combo kit is based on its original Magic Carpet design, incorporating strong alloy materials and quick-release components to provide filmmakers with a practical and easy-to-assemble solution for film cameras. This is the long kit. It consists of two tracks of slider, to join and create a slider. Additional track segments are available separately, and with enough support you can build a slider of any length. The included car has an integrated steering wheel. The weight resistance of the steering wheel softens the sliding movement, so immersive tracking shots can be achieved with light and heavy cameras.

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